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University Challenge is a British television quiz show. It is hosted by Jeremy Paxman. It is an official spin-off of the College Bowl program, though its format is closer to common quizbowl format (i.e. bonuses all worth five points unlike College Bowl's variable value bonus). There is a musical clue at around the halfway point, and two picture clues about one-quarter and three- quarters of the way. It has come under fire for allowing different colleges of teams to play as separate schools (i.e. Oxford, Cambridge).

Year Winners Runners-up
1995 Cambridge Oxford
1996 Imperial London School of Economics
1997 Oxford Open University
1998 Oxford University of London
1999 Open University Oxford
2000 Durham Oxford
2001 Imperial Oxford
2002 Oxford Imperial
2003 University of London Cranfield University
2004 Oxford Cambridge
2005 Oxford University College London
2006 Manchester Cambridge
2007 Warwick Manchester
2008 Oxford Sheffield
2009 Manchester Cambridge
2010 Cambridge Oxford
2011 Oxford University of York
2012 Manchester Cambridge
2013 Manchester University College London
2014 Cambridge Oxford
2015 Cambridge Oxford
2016 Cambridge Oxford

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