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Not to be confused with high school team Boise.
Boise State University
Boise, ID
Current President or Coach Colin McNamara
National championships none
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The Boise State University quizbowl team is a collegiate quizbowl team consisting of students from the Boise State University in Boise, Idaho.


Boise State played College Bowl exclusively for the last 5 years of CBI's existence. Following its 2nd place finish in 2008, Colin McNamara tried to contact other schools to play real quiz bowl. That effort coincided with the arrival of Mike Bentley and Brittany Clark at the University of Washington, and, along with Gonzaga University, the northwest circuit was revived.

Since then, Boise State has traveled to Gonzaga and UW for tournaments, and also hosted the 2009 NAQT SCT and ACF Fall. Boise State's best finish has been a first place tie in DII in the 2010 NAQT SCT.

Boise State is also trying to build high school quiz bowl in Boise, and has hosted several high school tournaments.

Recent Members

  • Colin McNamara
  • Joe Tamasonis
  • Scott Lee
  • Tess Grover
  • Tony Rogers
  • Kayla Bartling
  • Adam Cotterell
  • Alfredo Bravoiniguez