Colin McNamara

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Colin McNamara
Noted subjects Religion, Road Trips
Current college Boise State
Past colleges Sacred Heart University, NC State
High school Burlington Williams
HSQB profile tiwonge
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Colin McNamara is an adjunct professor and recent graduate student in mathematics at Boise State. Prior to coming to Boise State, he had tried to form a quiz bowl team at Sacred Heart, but only managed to attend one CBI tournament and one trash tournament, and had only played in intramural tournaments in his undergraduate years at NC State.

Though Idaho is very isolated from other nearby quizbowl circuits, Colin has done extensive outreach in Idaho and surrounding regions throughout the late 2010s and into 2020, including the establishment of Quiz Idaho to organize tournaments in Idaho and develop teams from Idaho schools. Colin also works with the Boise State quizbowl team at the collegiate level and has established contact with nascent teams at other regional schools like BYU.