Boston College College Bowl Jam: Tournament Edition

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The Boston College College Bowl Jam: Tournament Edition tournament was a housewritten trash tournament held in 2007 at Boston College.


The tournament employed "NBA Jam" rules where if a team answered three tossups in a row it would become "on fire". While on fire, it earned two extra points on tossups and powers (making them worth 12 and 17 points, respectively). Also, if the other team buzzed in while a team was on fire, that team could "goaltend" by shouting out the correct answer before the other team had a chance to answer. While this did not give the goaltending team any points, it did stop the other team from getting answering a tossup and thus "dousing" the on fire team.


The tournament was widely criticized on the hsquizbowl boards for bad distribution, bad clue ordering and excessively hard questions in certain areas. There were also allegations made that answers had been discussed amongst the house teams before playing the house written questions.