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Boston College
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Chestnut Hill, MA
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Boston College (BC) is a private university located in Massachusetts, in the New England region of the United States. Its historic campus, one of the earliest examples of Collegiate Gothic architecture in North America, is set on a hilltop six miles west of downtown Boston.

Boston College College Bowl (BCCB) is a student organization which meets, laughs, and discusses useless information, mostly trash related. The students at BC interested in attending academic (ACF/NAQT/etc.) tournaments are not backed by BCCB funding and resources.

BC students interested in playing ACF, NAQT, or other tournaments should contact Michael Finnegan (


In 2007, BC hosted the Boston College College Bowl Jam: Tournament Edition. They also hosted a mirror of FEUERBACH in fall 2008.

Current Players

  • Harry Hoy
  • Michael Finnegan

Former Players

  • John Marvin

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