Bradley Kirksey

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Bradley Kirksey
Noted subjects American History, Religion
Current college UCF (2011-2017)
Past colleges Gulf Coast State College (2009-2010)
High school Covenant Christian School
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Bradley Kirksey, also known as "the Mayor of UCF Quizbowl", is a long time member of the UCF club who earlier played for Gulf Coast State College in Panama City, Florida during his dual enrollment program. Along McKinnie Sizemore and Ian McKenzie, Brad can be seen as one of the founding fathers of the modern iteration of the UCF Quizbowl club. Brad never leaves for a tournament without a bag of gummy bears in his hand and friendly smile, leading to him being known as one of the nicest players in the Florida Circuit. He is all known for weaving tall tales, such as the time he fought a deer and won. Many of us in Florida have heard the story on multiple occasions, but happily listen to it as many times as Brad wants to tell it.

Carrie A. Nation Memorial Tournament

Carrie A. Nation is tournament largely written by Brad to be played after a long day of Quizbowl, and has been attended by members of the Florida circuit. So far, there have been four with three played at his house in Orlando and one at the house of FSU player Saiem Gilani. Carrie has a flexible distribution but typically has both Trash and Academic question with the two often intertwining. A mainstay of the tournament is questions on and clues related to the veteran actor Gary Busey. Carrie A. Nation has had two holiday themed tournaments, one during Halloween in Ian McKenzie's barn stylized as "Scary. A Nation" and another during Christmas known as "Merry A. Nation"

Notable Tournaments