Zach Foster

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Zach Foster
Noted subjects History, Visual Arts, Video Games, Hockey, Other Trash
Past colleges George Mason University (2009-2013), UCF (2014-2015)
High school North Myrtle Beach (2005-09)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Zach Foster is a former player at George Mason University and UCF who played in high school for North Myrtle Beach. Zach is perhaps best known for a tendency to register for tournaments via the Quizbowl Resource Center forums and then withdraw precipitously shortly before the tournament, as well as for the poorly run 2010 MidAtlantic SCT.

Buzzer Fakes

Foster has claimed a few times that he "didn't fall for that buzzer fake," believing certain players such as Graham Moyer of attempting to buzzer fake him at Penn's 2010 mirror of THUNDER. Isaac Hirsch claims to have successfully buzzer faked Foster at the Region 4 2011 SCT, after noticing his staring at opposing players during matches. Foster denies the success of the buzzer fake, claiming to have buzzed on pseudolegitimate knowledge.