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Manchester logo.gif
Manchester, United Kingdom
Current President or Coach Stephen Pearson (Coach), Tom Whyman
National championships British Student Quiz Championships: 2002

Manchester is a large university located in Manchester in northern England. It has fielded a quizbowl team for many years, although it only formally formed a quiz society in spring 2011 under the leadership of Tom Whyman. Manchester hosted the 2000 British Student Quiz Championships and will host a Briticized mirror of the 2011 Minnesota Undergraduate Tournament in April 2011. Manchester won the 2002 British Student Quiz Championships. Manchester has been coached by librarian and Manchester alumnus, Stephen Pearson since 1996.

In addition, teams from Manchester have taken part in the revived BBC2 series University Challenge, which Manchester won in 2006 and 2009. They also finished second in 2008.