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The State University of New York at Buffalo, more commonly known as The University at Buffalo or UB is a public University in Amherst, a suburb of Buffalo, NY. The club was active until about 2008, at which point it was disbanded. It was reformed in Fall 2010 by current President Zach Pace.

Officers and Members

President - Zach Pace (2010 - )

Vice-President - Travis Nemmer (2010 - )

Treasurer - Matt Hill (2010 - )

Secretary - Quinne Sember (2010 - )

John O'Brien (2011 - )

Pratyush Joshi (2010 - )

Andrew Stebbins (2010 - ), whose fondest Quiz Bowl memory remains score keeping alongside the unflappable Michael Arnold at the 2011 NAQT Region 2 Sectionals in New Paltz.

Dan Oltmanns (2011 - )

Sarah Mye (2010 - 2011)

Ben Fein-Smolinski (2010 - 2011)

Before About 2008

Very little is known about the team prior to its disbanding, other than members played in College Bowl tournaments. There were also occasional intramural trash tournaments. Around 2008, this incarnation of the club became inactive, sending a set of very expensive buzzers into bureaucratic oblivion.

After Fall 2010

Zach Pace reformed the club, with some classmates (Sember, Nemmer, and then-Treasurer Molly Sikora) from Clarence in Fall 2010. They attended no tournaments until 2011 DII SCTs at SUNY New Paltz (placing 2/8 and 7/8). After this, they attended 2011 ACF Regionals at RIT and 2011 MUT at McMaster, with mediocre results.

The team continues to be active in the 2011-2012 season, attending EACN at Western, as well as MOO, MAGNI, and ACF Fall 2011 at McMaster. They will host BARGE, Penn Bowl 2012, and ACF Regionals 2012.

During the 2010-2011 season, Buffalo was notable for possessing an overwhelming majority of science and engineering majors (Travis Nemmer, a Political Science, Asian Studies, and Classics major, was the only major member without a hard science major). This resulted in very good science conversion, but terrible literature conversion.


The club hosted the first Bull Bowl on November 12, 2011, which was won by Nichols School.