Carleton University

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Carleton University
Ottawa, ON
Current President or Coach Heather Gordon
National championships none

This article is about the team at the university located in Ottawa, Ontario, CA. For the American liberal arts college, see Carleton College.

Carleton University is a university in Ottawa, Ontario. A trivia club was formed in the 2004-05 season, and officially established a year later.

Early History (2004-2009)

In 2004, a handful of first-year students from Carleton attended quizbowl practices at Ottawa. They remained unofficially part of Ottawa's club in the first year, and benefited from Ottawa hosting four tournaments that year. Andrei Janus formally set up a quizbowl club at Carleton in 2005 along with founding members Luc Brunet, Angela Duffett, and Anne Leask, and Carleton's quizbowl team has been independent ever since.

The club flourished between 2005 and 2008 as new waves of first year Carleton University students, that graduated from Ottawa high schools and beyond, were offered a chance to continue their passion for trivia in the quickly expanding university quizbowl arena. The club fostered membership by participating in various Ottawa area friendly trivia matches against Ottawa University's quizbowl teams as well as regional tournaments such as "Ontario Bowl", Ottawa Hybrid Tournament, and TRASH Invitationals. The main focus each year was to participate in the NAQT Canadian SCT, which the club achieved in 2005 and 2006. The club also sent a team to the 2008 NAQT ICT although only two members could make the trip due to the tournament being scheduled during the winter semester exam period.

Carleton hosted a number of tournaments including "Ontario Bowl" in 2006 and the 2008 NAQT Canadian SCT in order to build awareness of quizbowl in the Ottawa area.

A Carleton-Ottawa rivalry developed throughout 2005 and 2006; however, it never came to full fruition as the Ottawa club had a much larger player base some of whom were already in Division I. The Carleton team posted a 6-7 record for the 2005 Canadian SCT and a 6-8 record for the 2006 Canadian SCT both in Division II.

Unfortunately the club was forced to wind down operations in 2009 due to a majority of the team members graduating in that year.

Modern Team Revival (2012-Present)

Isuri Herath started a Carleton team in fall 2012. A critical mass of former high-school players from schools including Lisgar, Centennial, Waterloo Collegiate Institute, and London Central have successfully re-formed a team at Carleton in 2012-13. This incarnation has played in tournaments across Ontario, and has hosted mirrors of 2012 Minnesota Undergraduate Tournament, 2013 Collegiate Novice, 2013 MFT, 2014 SUBMIT, a 2014 high school tournament, 2014 ICCS, and ACRONYM VIII in 2015. A second place finish at the 2014 Canadian SCT led to a third bracket finish at the Division II 2014 ICT, while a second place finish at the 2015 Canadian SCT also led a third bracket finish at the Division II 2015 ICT.

Also in 2014, Carleton housewrote a trash tournament known as COTTAGE Bowl.

Current Players

  • Alasdair Campbell
  • Duncan Chalmers
  • Ian Gillies
  • Heather Gordon
  • Izzy Izumi
  • Max Johnstone
  • Katie MacDonald
  • Stuart Macdonald
  • Michael Martin
  • Connor Pierotti
  • Elizabeth Robson Gordon
  • Olivia Seto
  • Jacqueline Steele
  • Kaleigh Timmins
  • Andrej Vukovic
  • Gennesse Walker-Scace

Former Players

  • Nick Penner
  • Isuri Herath
  • Ivan Kochlan
  • Charles Korwin
  • Gabriel Mayost
  • Dante Tolusso
  • Andrei Janus (founder)
  • Luc Brunet
  • Angela Duffett
  • Anne Leask
  • Tim Bryant
  • Adam Minnelli
  • Anne O'Connor
  • Racha Abdullah
  • Billy Patterson
  • Tom Kozlowski

Carleton, MN confusion

A few confusions have arisen between Carleton and a similarly-named Carleton College in Minnesota. Most confusions have been related to NAQT:

  • NAQT used the results of the 2005 Canadian SCT assuming Carleton College made a trip out to Ottawa
  • Carleton University filled out an application for the 2006 ICT, mistakenly thinking that the "Carleton" on the invited list meant them.
  • At least one e-mail has been sent to Carleton University's team asking why the 2008 "Canadian" SCT was in Minnesota.
  • Carleton played against Carleton in the preliminaries of the 2008 ICT, presumably for the directors' amusement. The College won 375-35.
  • Several teams who registered for COTTAGE Bowl 2014 had to withdraw after realizing the tournament was not actually in Minnesota.