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COTTAGE Bowl is a trash tournament that is a housewrite by Carleton University.


COTTAGE Bowl's name is a backronym, which stands for Carleton's Original Trash Tournament: Almost Good Enough. COTTAGE Bowl's name is a reference to two memorable trips to a cottage on Kennebec Lake that members of Carleton's Quizbowl team took during the summer of 2014. It was during these cottage weekends that COTTAGE Bowl was conceived. The tournament was created due to a frustration with the lack of trash tournaments, the desire to write more trash questions, and the need to make more money for the club. Nick Penner suggested the creation of COTTAGE Bowl, serving as the tournament's founder, lead promoter, and overall leader. The inaugural tournament in 2014 was head edited by Penner, with external editing assistance from Joe Su. While this initial tournament received some mixed reviews, most notably with controversy about a question on feminine hygiene products, there are plans for a sequel to the initial tournament in the fall of 2015 with an eye towards making it an annual event.

Tournament history:

Year Head Editors
2014 Nick Penner and Joe Su
2015 TBD