Chad Michael Gerson

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Chad Gerson
Noted subjects General
Past colleges Chicago (2004-2005), Indiana
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Chad Gerson is a former player for Chicago as a law student. He also played for Indiana as an undergraduate.

At Chicago, Chad usually surfaced for CBI-related events. In 2004, Chad was the high scorer at Chicago's CBI Intramural tournament. He subsequently represented Chicago at RCT. In 2005, he once again played CBI IM's; at this tournament, a team of Chad and Bruce Arthur came within 5 points of defeating a team of Seth Teitler and Andrew Yaphe. In spite of this, he was not selected to represent Chicago at RCT that year, and was never seen at practice again; though Peter Austin would later report that Chad ran a trivia event for law students.