Bruce Arthur

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Bruce Arthur
Noted Subjects:
History, RMP, IR Theory, and Hungary
Current Collegiate Team None
Past Collegiate Teams Chicago (2005-2007); Harvard (2007-2010)
High School Team Roycemore
Middle School Team None

Bruce Arthur is a quizbowl player who has attended the Roycemore School, the University of Chicago, and Harvard Law School. He is one of the best active history players and won a national championship at the 2010 ICT with Andy Watkins, Dallas Simons, and Dennis Sun (the victory was vacated in 2013 after it was discovered Watkins had cheated in 2010 and 2011). He is famed for his love of Red Lobster and his aversion to Tina Fey.

Playing Career


Bruce played quiz bowl at the Roycemore School under the auspices of the Metro North League and the IHSA. He can frequently be heard weighing the merits of the eccentricities of the traditional Illinois high school format, which include bounceback bonuses and bonus parts with point values indivisible by five.

Bruce matriculated to the University of Chicago in 2004.

The University of Chicago

At the University of Chicago, Bruce was a member of the five-man team that won the 2005 NAQT ICT Division II National Championship. His considerable knowledge of American history was instrumental in securing the title. In 2006, Bruce and his teammates captured the previously-defunct, now-revived ACF Undergraduate National Championship by finishing higher in the final standings of the tournament than any other all-undergraduate team.

Like his teammates Ray Sun and Tim McElroy, Bruce won a number of opens and invitationals during his tenure at Chicago on teams led by Andrew Yaphe.

Bruce completed his undergraduate degree requirements and graduated in only three years, receiving his diploma in June 2007.


In 2007, Bruce started law school at Harvard. In 2007/2008, he played on Harvard teams that won ACF Fall, Deep Bench, and Beaver Bonspiel XIV. Bruce was also part of a three-player team that won 2008 EFT, a tournament closely followed by the media. By the fall of 2008, Bruce was one of the four typical members of Harvard A, alongside Ted Gioia, Andy Watkins, and Dallas Simons. Bruce was on Harvard A when they won 2009 ACF Regionals against a Jerry Vinokurov led Brown team. To keep Harvard eligible for the NAQT Undergraduate Championship, Bruce did not play ICT in either 2008 or 2009, but was a key component to the team's DI victory in 2010.

In August 2009, Bruce traveled to Canada and played the Hamilton, Ontario mirror of VETO with a team from the University of Toronto. Bruce's team won the tournament.

Editing Career

Bruce has edited all or part of the following tournaments:

Writing Career

Apart from packet submission writing, Bruce has been on the writing staff for the following tournaments: