Christopher Stone

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Christopher Stone
Noted Subjects:
Linguistics, Russian Literature, other random knowledge
Current Collegiate Team None
Past Collegiate Teams Truman State (2005-2009)
High School Team Glenwood (2002-2005)
Middle School Team None

Christopher Stone was a former player for Truman State University.

Playing Career

He joined his high school quiz bowl team as a sophomore. There, he specialized in geography, politics, history, and the random (horribly pronounced) foreign languages questions that pop up on the Illinois circuit. Notable achievements were both in his Senior year, when he won some prize basket for getting the most holiday tossups at a holiday-themed tournament in Charleston High School and earning the last spot on an all-tournament team for a tournament in Millikin University. His teams in HS went 22-8 (JV), 44-13 (V), and 57-20, respectively, and he got 18 TU, 17 TU, and 77 TU respectively for the years he was on the teams.

His college career is mostly the same. He averages ~15-20 PPG, making him a thoroughly mediocre player who just happens to enjoy playing. His highest personal achievement so far is a 4th place at NAQT DII SCT in Tulsa. His college tournament list looks like this:

2007-2008: EFT 2 @ UChicago, ACF Fall @ Illinois, TTGT11 @ Iowa, MLK @ Mo S&T, Sword Bowl @ Drake, NAQT SCT @ Tulsa

2006-2007: Route 66 @ Oklahoma, Rollapalooza @ UMR, Sword Bowl @ Drake, NAQT SCT @ Iowa, GIT @ WashU

2005-2006: GUT III @ Grinnell, GIT XI @ WashU, NAQT SCT @ Illinois