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The Rules of the Game
Not to be confused with downconversion (editing questions to be shorter and easier to use them for another purpose) or upconversion (the opposite).

In quizbowl jargon, conversion (or converting a question) is the act of getting a question correct. The term can be understood as taking the words of a question and "converting" them into points for one's team. Conversion is also called getting, and a converted question called a get, for much the same reason. When discussing tossups, the term "conversion" can be contrasted with powering to entail getting a question for 10 points rather than 15, or to represent that a team answered a question correctly at any point. In the context of a bonus question, converting a part simply means answering it correctly.

In most contexts, "conversion" refers to aggregate conversion (or conversion rate), usually across an entire tournament. So for example, bonus conversion generally refers to performance on all bonuses played across a tournament.

Various conversion metrics (like points per game and points per bonus) derived from conventional statistics can offer basic insight into team skill or tournament difficulty. On the other hand, conversion statistics, which specifically measure the conversion of individual questions, require more fine-grained data or special tools.