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Disclaimer: This article is about rules. Its contents are not authoritative. Please consult official rules for up-to-date information.

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The Rules of the Game

In some rule sets, a blurt is an answer given by a player who has buzzed on a tossup question but has not been recognized by the moderator. Players who blurt are typically penalized with a neg or a lower number of points than would otherwise be received.

Blurts do not exist in mainstream modern quizbowl and the distinction between recognized and unrecognized answers is no longer made, though it was more common in the past.


Blurts are very rare in quizbowl, found only in state formats like that of Arkansas. They are not included in any national rule sets.

The presence of blurts are defining characteristics of the non-quizbowl formats of Science Bowl and Ocean Sciences Bowl.