Cory Salem Memorial Tournament

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The Cory Salem Memorial Tournament was a fall tournament hosted by Copley High School in October from 2004-2014. Matches follow a four quarter format. Questions are written by Sue Korosa. The tournament does not crown one champion, but rather the winners of each bracket. Brackets (and thus schedules) are determined by a random draw. The tournament winners traditionally do not get trophies, but are rewarded with a championship certificate as well as tickets to the buffet at the Copley Invitational. The tournament was last held in 2014. Because of declining participation of quality teams the decision was made to no longer hold the event.



Cory Salem

The tournament was originally titled the Copley "No Frills" tournament, it was renamed in honor of Cory Salem (05'), a former Copley player that was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident in Indiana.