Dan Passner

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Dan Passner
Noted subjects baseball, Jew shit
Current college None
Past colleges Brandeis (2003-2006)
High school Kushner Yeshiva
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Dan Passner is a semi-retired quizbowl player formerly of Brandeis University. He was president of Brandeis Quiz Bowl from 2003-06.

He played Torah Bowl and Questions Unlimited at Kushner Yeshiva High School in Livingston, NJ, where he developed his emblematic knowledge of Talmud and obscure baseball players.

At Brandeis, he became a well-known figure because of his outspoken comments on various internet forums and his gregarious nature at tournaments. He was a member of Brandeis's 2003 Division II ICT team, Brandeis's 2004-5 DI ICT teams, three ACF Nationals teams and five TRASHionals teams. He also established and hosted the original qb wiki (with Jerry Vinokurov and Will Turner).

At the 2006 Canadian SCT in Montreal, Passner was part of a two-man team that finished runner-up to Ottawa.