Dave Porter

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Dave Porter
Noted subjects History, Geography, Sports, TV, Movies, Classic Rock
Current college none
Past colleges Christopher Newport (2007-2008)
High school Freeman (2002-2005)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Dave Porter was a key player of the team at Freeman from 2002 until 2005. He semi-retired after a largely unsuccessful attempt at launching a team at Christopher Newport. He prides himself as a "trash master of disaster," and still plays in the occasional Trash tournament, most notably 2008 and 2010 incarnations of ASS and CULT, respectively. Dave still hopes to play in a few pyramidal tournaments, but has apparently relegated himself to the bar trivia circuit.

Dave joined in 2002 during Brian Kieran's first year as head coach. He made the Battle of the Brains starting lineup as a sophomore, being one of two to do so. Prior to joining the team at Freeman, Dave was the German representative in the annual "Culture Quest" competition at Tuckahoe Middle. His team won the final game, despite Dave coming to school late with a cold.

As a junior, Dave was elected to be the club president, where he helped the team create its number roster, possibly the first-ever numbered quizbowl roster (and definitely the first in Virginia). He took the number 3 as a co-tribute to Babe Ruth and Dale Earnhardt. On TV, Dave was named to the first-ever All-Star team, finishing second in the competition (beating Wren Elhai by five points). Dave answered many questions in other tournaments as well.

Dave saved his best for senior year, as he was re-elected as president and made his third consecutive appearance on the TV team, which made a surprise appearance at the Homecoming pep rally after a win in a tape earlier that day. The team appeared at Spotswood, making the final four twice. That year, Freeman beat Godwin in the Colonial District tournament for the first time ever, and Dave was there for Freeman's first Regional tournament appearance. Freeman hosted Regionals on February 12, 2005, and Dave answered several crucial questions late as the Rebels upset Maggie Walker, and leading Freeman to its first Regional championship and appearance at the VHSL Scholastic Bowl State tournament.

Dave ended his TV career with another All-Star appearance, becoming the first ever player to make two appearances in the competition. He graduated with three letters, as well as having his number three retired, quite possibly the first quizbowl number ever to be retired.

Before he left, Dave recruited George Berry to join the team. George went on to break Dave's school scoring record, which has since been surpassed again by Kevin McCall.

Dave returned to Freeman on a regular basis in 2009 as a volunteer assistant coach, and is effectively the head coach today, following the retirement of Sharon Boyles, as well as the departure of other faculty coaches. A sign of his academic prowess, Dave is a member of twelve collegiate honor societies, and isn't done yet.

Dave is still seen as a staffer at local events, and often helps the VHSL Conference 11 and 5A South meets.