George Berry

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George Berry
Current college J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College (2008-2009, 2014)
Past colleges Virginia Commonwealth University (2010-2013)
High school Douglas Freeman (2005-2007)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

George Berry was a student in the Virginia Community College System, where they took classes after spending two years at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College and four at Virginia Commonwealth University. Matt Morrison and other subsequent tournament directors allowed them to play as part of a combined CNU/JSR team (basically them and Dave Porter) or a part of William and Mary's team during their time at Reynolds. After they found out that former Maryland player Dan Goff was at Reynolds, they created the first Reynolds team. During that time at Reynolds, George became the first community college team in Virginia to win a tournament at the 2009 CCSCT and the first to win a national title at the inaugural 2009 CCCT.

They wrote for a side event paired with the spring 2009 Terrapin Invitational Tournament with Mike Cheyne, a novelty tournament based entirely on comic books.

After their hilarious attempt to try to do well at ICT solo, George moved across town to VCU, where they got to ride Evan Adams' coattails for two years, culminating in the 2011 season where with Tommy Casalaspi and Cody Voight they tied for fourth at ICT before Andy Watkins was revealed to be a giant fraud, causing VCU and Chicago to instead tie for third and VCU to become Undergraduate National Champions. After sitting out the fall of 2011, George returned to team with Cody and Sean Smiley in the 2012 season. During this time, George became the tournament director for VCU's high school and college tournaments. In the same season that Cody missed ICT because of an engineering exam, George missed ACF Nationals in 2013 because they had to sit through a meeting watching videos about how IMAX projectors work.

After graduating from VCU in 2013, George began trying to put together the classes they need for teaching certification and played in 2014 as part of a temporary revival of the Reynolds team.