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Dennis Loo helped found Virginia Tech's team and played there in the mid to late 90s before moving to Boston in 2001. Though he was not a student and did not play there, he regularly helped out with Harvard's team in the early and late 2000s and was amused to find himself referred to as Harvard's de facto coach by Christian Flow. He re-emerged at UVA from 2012 to 2014 after enrolling there to get his teaching certification, and served as the fourth player on the team which won both 2014 ICT and 2014 ACF Nationals.

He taught statistics at Thomas Jefferson (VA) and is known for having a rather colorful job history. Unfortunately, he had to leave TJ in 2016, but continued to serve as the coach, resulting in TJ getting 2nd at HSNCT and 3rd at PACE. He is now teaching and coaching at IMSA.

He holds the dubious distinction of being the only person to survive both Harvest Bowl and Modern World. According to Matt Weiner, this meant that he played both the tournament that failed because not enough questions were written as well as the tournament that failed because the questions were written.