2014 ACF Nationals

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The 2014 ACF Nationals was held between April 12 and 13 at Columbia University.

The field of 34 teams was divided into three brackets of 12, 11, and 11 for the prelims, and then split into a top 12, middle 12, and bottom 10 for playoff crossover games.

At the end of Sunday's playoff rounds, Virginia went undefeated and cleared the field with an 11-0 record in the playoffs (and a 19-0 record overall), becoming the first team to achieve either of those goals since 2007 Chicago seven years prior. A three-way tie among the teams with 9-2 playoff records was seeded by PPG and broken in a series of two games which Yale won to secure second place and the Undergraduate title.

The set was edited by Jerry Vinokurov, Ted Gioia, Auroni Gupta, and Ryan Westbrook.

2014 ACF Nationals
Champion Virginia
Runner-up Yale
Third Penn
Fourth Chicago A
High scorer Matt Bollinger, Virginia
Editor/s Jerry Vinokurov, Ted Gioia, Auroni Gupta, and Ryan Westbrook
Site Columbia
Field 34 teams
Stats http://www.hsquizbowl.org/db/tournaments/1641/


Division I Championship

  1. Virginia (Evan Adams, Matt Bollinger, Tommy Casalaspi, Dennis Loo)
  2. Yale (Matt Jackson, Grace Liu, Jacob Reed, Ashvin Srivatsa)
  3. Penn (Patrick Liao, Saajid Moyen, Eric Mukherjee, Dallas Simons)
  4. Chicago A (John Lawrence, Max Schindler, Marshall Steinbaum, Charles Tian)

Division I Undergraduate

  1. Yale (Matt Jackson, Grace Liu, Ashvin Srivatsa, Jacob Reed)
  2. Harvard (Stephen Liu, Will Holub-Moorman, Sriram Pendyala, Mark Arildsen)
  3. Michigan State (Joe Nutter, Shan Kothari, Connor Teevens, Chris Wolfe)

Division II Championship

  1. North Carolina
  2. Notre Dame
  3. Penn B


Based on prelim scoring.

  1. Matt Bollinger, Virginia (89.55 PPG, #1 UG)
  2. Eric Mukherjee, Penn A (70.50 PPG)
  3. Will Nediger, Michigan (70.45 PPG)
  4. Richard Yu, WUSTL (66.50 PPG)
  5. Matt Jackson, Yale (65.50 PPG)
  6. John Lawrence, Chicago A (56.50 PPG)
  7. Aaron Rosenberg, Illinois (55.00 PPG)
  8. Stephen Liu, Harvard (53.64 PPG)


34 teams