Derek Chou

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Derek Chou
Noted Subjects:
Physical Science, Art
Current Collegiate Team Illinois
Past Collegiate Teams Berkeley (2011-2014)
High School Team Arcadia High School (2008-2011)
Middle School Team None

Derek Chou joined the Arcadia Quiz Bowl team in 2008 after taking a tryout on a whim. He made it to a stable position between Arcadia B/A in his junior year and was on the Arcadia A team for the 2011 HSNCT.

He was also the captain of the Arcadia Science Bowl team (the successor to Eddie Xue's position as such), and was on the 2010 and 2011 nationals teams.

He played for Berkeley from 2011-2014, with increasing inactivity as building solar vehicles became increasingly time-consuming. He is headed to Illinois to pursue a PhD in Electrical Engineering.

Derek's strongest subject in quiz bowl is non-biological science, with a non-standard focus on astronomy, earth science, and various engineering topics. He sometimes randomly gets art and music questions.