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The Fake Intercollegiate Championship Tournament, also known as FICHTE or Fake ICT, was an 18-packet tournament set written entirely by Matt Weiner and Jerry Vinokurov for the spring of 2008. The set used timers, the then-current ICT distribution, and the 425-character limit on tossups that NAQT employed at the time so as to best emulate and prepare teams for that year's ICT, though all sites were open.

The main site occurred at Maryland and a mirror occurred at Illinois.

FICHTE 2 was planned for the spring of 2009, and 13 of the estimated 18 packets did materialize, written largely by Matt Weiner and Andrew Alexander, with additional freelancing help. The set adhered less closely to NAQT guidelines than the previous, and was met with more mixed responses and criticism [1].

Mirrors: VCU, Illinois, Tulsa, UCLA