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FOGHAT (Face-Off Gauging High Achievement at Trash) is a theme-round trash tournament run by Jeremy White. The question set features balanced theme packets ranging from quite clever to downright irritating. Questions are primarily by White, with help from Ben Lea and additional contributors.

Round 1 usually has something to do with squirrels. Round 9 is a double-entendre round. Beyond that, the themes follow the authors' whims.

Missouri S&T hosted FOGHAT from 2000 to 2004. Northwestern hosted in 2005 and 2006, with attendance in the latter dropping to 4 teams from 10.

Due to room logistics at Northwestern, FOGHAT was not held in 2007. White opted to hold the questions instead of releasing them for the traditional Big Lots mirror at UTC. Washington University has announced FOGHAT 2008 to be held November 2 in conjunction with the Gateway Invitational.

FOGHAT History and results