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The acronym FTP in a packet stands for "for 10 points," and marks the beginning of the giveaway clue to a question.

Due to its potential for confusing newer moderators, official ACF, NAQT, PACE, and HSAPQ tournaments all forbid the usage of the acronym "FTP" in questions, forcing teams to write out "For 10 points" wherever it would appear. Other writers are strongly encouraged to do so as well.

In NAQT play or other formats with "blind powers", the FTP is the latest point in the question where the power mark can possibly be placed, though some tournaments (usually super-hard tournaments) either place the power mark after FTP or replace it with a phrase such as "For 15 points" or "For 20 points" (e.g. the Westbrook Experiment).

Related Acronyms

FTPE - "For 10 points each"

FTSNOP - "For the stated number Of points" (now out of use; this indicated the start of a bonus where parts had varying point values)


In the British language, FTP is pronounced "Starter for 10."