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The GATA State Championship is a high school tournament hosted by the GATA in Georgia.

Past results (Varsity)

From 1990 to 2014, the tournament was divided into classes based on school enrollment (with class "A" being the smallest). There were four separate classes until 2001 when a fifth class was added. A sixth class was added in 2013. In 2015, the tournament was reorganized into six divisions labeled I through VI.

Results (Post-2015)

Division I

Year Champion Second Third Fourth
2017 Collins Hill North Gwinnett Brookwood Parkview
2016 Parkview Collins Hill Walton North Gwinnett
2015 Parkview Alpharetta Collins Hill North Gwinnett

Division II

Year Champion Second Third Fourth
2017 Johns Creek Lakeside (Atlanta) Woodstock Kennesaw Mountain
2016 Chattahoochee Northview Lakeside (Atlanta) Alpharetta/Roswell/Woodstock
2015 Chattahoochee Douglas County Flowery Branch Northview

Division III

Year Champion Second Third Fourth
2017 Chattahoochee Northview North Atlanta Dunwoody
2016 Dunwoody River Ridge Bainbridge Creekview
2015 River Ridge Dunwoody Cedar Shoals Starr's Mill

Division IV

Year Champion Second Third Fourth
2017 Chamblee Charter Buford Decatur Cedar Shoals
2016 Eastside Buford St. Pius X Chamblee Charter
2015 Eastside Chamblee Charter Bainbridge Howard/St. Pius X (tie)

Division V

Year Champion Second Third Fourth
2017 Westminster Marist St Pius X Blessed Trinity
2016 Westminster Marist Gwinnett Math and Science Blessed Trinity
2015 Westminster Marist Gwinnett Math & Science Blessed Trinity

Division VI

Year Champion Second Third Fourth
2017 Killian Hill Prince Avenue Christian Providence Christian Galloway
2016 Oak Mountain Galloway Savannah Country Day Walker
2015 Baconton Charter Galloway Athens Academy Savannah Country Day/Walker/Prince Avenue Christian (tie)

Results (Pre-2015)

AAAAAA Tournament

Year Champion Second Third Fourth
2014 Chattahoochee Collins Hill Alpharetta Douglas County
2013 Etowah Norcross Chattahoochee Walton

AAAAA Tournament

Year Champion Second Third Fourth
2014 Flowery Branch Bainbridge Lakeside Dunwoody
2013 Bainbridge Dunwoody Northview Apalachee
2012 Centennial Brookwood Norcross Etowah
2011 Walton Centennial Alpharetta Brookwood
2010 Centennial Walton Brookwood Chattahoochee
2009 Walton Chattahoochee Brookwood Central Gwinnett
2008 Chattahoochee Brookwood Walton Norcross
2007 Brookwood
2006 Walton
2005 Walton
2004 Walton
2003 Chattahoochee
2002 Brookwood
2001 Brookwood

AAAA Tournament

Year Champion Second Third Fourth
2014 Marist River Ridge Stephens County/Howard/Locust Grove (tie) None
2013 Marist Chamblee Charter Eastside River Ridge
2012 Chattahoochee Marist South Forsyth Lakeside
2011 Chattahoochee Lakeside Bainbridge Flowery Branch
2010 Lakeside Marist Starr's Mill Davidson
2009 Heritage Lakeside Davidson Fine Arts Starr's Mill
2008 Lakeside McIntosh Heritage Cedar Shoals
2007 Lakeside
2006 Central Mason
2005 Heritage
2004 Heritage
2003 Heritage
2002 Heritage
2001 Heritage
2000 Brookwood
1999 Brookwood
1998 Brookwood
1997 Brookwood
1996 Brookwood
1995 Walton
1994 Brookwood
1993 Walton
1992 Walton
1991 Walton
1990 Brookwood

AAA Tournament

Year Champion Second Third Fourth
2014 Gordon Central Woodward Gwinnett Math & Science St. Pius X/Blessed Trinity (tie)
2013 Gwinnett Math & Science Blessed Trinity (tie) Woodward (tie) Gordon Central/Buford (tie)
2012 Eastside St. Pius X Woodward Macon Central
2011 Eastside Woodward Pickens Co. St. Pius X
2010 Woodward Academy Flowery Branch Eastside St. Pius X
2009 Woodward Academy Creekview Flowery Branch Dunwoody
2008 Westminster Dunwoody Davidson Fine Arts Jackson
2007 Westminster
2006 Dunwoody
2005 Westminster
2004 Central Macon
2003 Central Macon
2002 Central Macon
2001 Westminster
2000 Woodward
1999 Woodward
1998 North Atlanta
1997 Central Macon
1996 Gordon Central
1995 Gordon Central
1994 Westminster
1993 Westminster
1992 Woodward
1991 Northside
1990 Marist

AA Tournament

Year Champion Second Third Fourth
2014 Westminster Lovett Bleckley County Greater Atlanta Christian
2013 Westminster Lamar County Greater Atlanta Christian Bleckley County
2012 Westminster Gwinnett Math & Science Blessed Trinity Lovett
2011 Westminster Blessed Trinity GACS Vidalia
2010 Westminster GACS Bleckley County Blessed Trinity
2009 Blessed Trinity Bleckley County Westminster Lamar County
2008 Paideia Bleckley County Creekview GACS
2007 Bleckley County
2006 Paideia
2005 Greater Atlanta Christian
2004 Greater Atlanta Christian
2003 Decatur
2002 Greater Atlanta Christian
2001 Paideia
2000 Westminster
1999 Westminster
1998 Westminster
1997 Westminster
1996 Westminster
1994 Dublin
1993 Manchester
1992 Darlington
1991 Lovett
1990 North Fulton

A Tournament

Year Champion Second Third Fourth
2014 Baconton Charter Athens Academy/Galloway (tie) None Prince Avenue Christian
2013 Athens Academy Baconton Charter (tie) Galloway (tie) Walker/Oak Mountain/Prince Avenue Christian (tie)
2012 Athens Academy Walker Baconton Charter Whitefield
2011 SCDS Baconton Charter Paideia Walker School
2010 Paideia Savannah C.D.S. Beacon Charter Savannah Christian
2009 Paideia Savannah Country Day Brookstone Baconton Charter
2008 Baconton Charter Brookstone Athens Academy Hebron Christian
2007 Savannah Country Day
2006 Athens Academy
2005 Athens Academy
2004 Athens Academy
2003 Brookstone
2002 Savannah Country Day
2001 Athens Academy
2000 Paideia
1999 Savannah Country Day
1998 Savannah Country Day
1997 Paideia
1996 Savannah Country Day
1995 Greater Atlanta Christian
1994 Greater Atlanta Christian
1993 Greater Atlanta Christian
1992 Savannah Country Day
1991 Greater Atlanta Christian
1990 Savannah Country Day