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Norcross Blue Devils
Norcross, GA
Coaches Aba DeGraft-Hanson
Erin Jackson
Program Status Unknown
School Size Unknown
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Norcross High School is in Norcross, Georgia. Their team of Andrew Kahn, Mostafa Bhuiyan, Hernan Morales, and Taylor Kitchens finished 100th out of 224 teams at the 2011 HSNCT. At the 2012 HSNCT, a team consisting of Mostafa Bhuiyan, Hernan Morales, Michael Sokolow, and Joey Reifenberger finished T33rd, having gone 8-2 in preliminary rounds.

Norcross will be hosting their inaugural housewrite tournament (Blue Devil Academic Tournament) on December 3rd, 2011. They have also held mirrors of Hunter College High School's Prison Bowl in March at the Norcross Academic Challenge, although future mirrors are unlikely.



At the 2013 HSNCT, the team of Bhuiyan, Sokolow, Morales, and Reifenberger went 8-2 in prelims, the second year in a row they achieved this. Despite losing to Bellaire in their first playoff game and missing Joey for most of Sunday (as he had overslept), the team won three straight games before losing to DCC A on the last tossup to finish tied for 13th.

At the 2013 NSC, the team went 5-2 in their prelim bracket with loses to DCC A and High Tech A. In their playoff bracket, they finished second behind Belvidere North, and later finished third in their superplayoff bracket behind Belvidere North and Northmont, finishing 21st overall. They were the only Georgia team present at the tournament.

Georgia NASAT team members

  • Mostafa Bhuiyan (2012)
  • Tommy Evinger (2014)