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Girl fifteen whale is a phrase originating from an IQBT t-shirt created by Fred Morlan. The shirt itself depicts the words "girl" and "fifteen" with an image of a whale underneath it. Morlan clarified that the intended meaning of the shirt was "girl power," with "fifteen" referencing powers in quizbowl, while the whale was included because "[he] just liked the whale."[1]

The phrase "girl fifteen whale" has since taken on a slight in-joke status in the community for its nonsensical meaning and humorously lackluster attempt at supporting the accomplishments of women in quizbowl.

The 2019 Chicago Open team consisting of JinAh Kim, Selene Koo, Olivia Lamberti, and Lauren Onel used the name "Girl15 Whale" in direct reference to the meme.[2]


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