Jinah Kim

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Jinah Kim
Noted Subjects:
Philosophy, Literature, General
Current Collegiate Team Retired
Past Collegiate Teams University of Pennsylvania (2015-2018)
High School Team Carnegie Vanguard
Middle School Team None

Jinah Kim was a member of the A-team at the University of Pennsylvania, primarily specializing in philosophy and literature. She was the second scorer on the 2018 iteration of Penn A that won 2nd place at 2018 ACF Nationals.



After starting at Penn, she began contributing heavily to the Penn B team. In 2016, she was promoted to Penn A, where she was on a team that made top bracket at 2016 ICT and 2017 ACF Nationals. In 2018, she was a key element on the team that won 4th at 2018 ICT and 2nd at 2018 ACF Nationals.

Along with Jaimie Carlson, she forms one-half of the telepathically synchronized duo that Eric Mukherjee refers to as "J-squared".


Jinah has contributed literature, philosophy, and art questions to Penn Bowl in 2015, 2016, and 2017. She also contributed to 2018's MUT-level tournament, SMT.