Gloucester (VA)

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Gloucester Dukes
Gloucester HS VA.png
Gloucester, VA
Coaches Wrenn Kibler
State Championships None
National Championships None
National Appearances HSNCT: 1999
Program Status Active
School Size 1791
NAQT Page link

Gloucester High School is a 9-12 high school in Gloucester, Virginia. Gloucester is coached by Wrenn Kibler. Gloucester attended the 1999 HSNCT, placing 15th. Gloucester participated in Battle of the Brains during the mid-2000s. Gloucester occasionally attends invitational tournaments.

Tournament Results

Date Tournament Question Set Team Record Rank Stats
2016/2/20 VCU Battle of the Brains-Style Tournament (Varsity) NAQT IS-147A, LIGHT-35 A 3-4 9/25 NAQT
B 0-6 25/25 NAQT
2015/11/14 Trojan Academic Tournament NAQT IS-149A A 1-9 15/16 NAQT
2015/1/10 Metro-Richmond Invitational HSAPQ-53 A 1-7 13/14 HSQB-DB
2014/10/4 New Kent Kickoff NAQT IS-139A A 2-7 12/14 NAQT
2007/6/9 2007 Battle of the Brains BOB06-A A 0-1 33/72 NAQT
2006/6/3 2006 Battle of the Brains BOB05-A A 0-1 33/72 NAQT
2005/6/4 2005 Battle of the Brains BOB04-A A 0-1 65/72 NAQT
1999/6/5-6/6 1999 HSNCT HSNCT-99 A 5-5 15/26 Not available

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