1999 HSNCT

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Champion Detroit Catholic Central
Runner-up Walton
Third Brookwood
Fourth see below
High scorer George Ellison, Union City
Editor/s NAQT
Site Oklahoma
Field 26

The 1999 High School National Championship was the first national championship tournament sponsored by NAQT. The tournament was won by Detroit Catholic Central, consisting of Corey Mason, Mark Walkuski, Vince Crafton, Jesse Norman, and Paul Schultz. The tournament was held at University of Oklahoma in Norman.


Each team played ten matches based on Swiss pairings. After these ten rounds, the top six teams based on record (ties broken by head-to-head result) advanced to the playoffs. The six playoff teams then played a round robin. The top two teams from this round robin playoff then played a best of three (non-advantaged) playoff for the championship.

The teams not advancing to the playoffs were given the opportunity to leave, or compete in a consolation playoff. 8 of the 20 non-qualifying teams competed in the consolation. These teams were divided into two pools of four, with each pool playing a three team round robin.

The teams were then placed into one of two groups: one the top four teams based on record and overall margin of victory, the other group being the lower four teams. The teams were seeded (1 vs 4, 2 vs 3). The winners then faced each other, while the losers faced each other.

Tournament results

In the playoffs, Central Catholic went a perfect 5-0 in the round robin, with Walton going 4-1. There was no third place match, so Brookwood, as the only team with a 3-2 record was awarded third place. The remaining teams each had a single win, and were listed as being tied for fourth place. They are listed in the order of their margin of victory.

In the finals, Catholic Central defeated Walton in the best-of-three playoff, 482-225, 410-210.

In the Consolation playoff, Parkview was the only team to finish its round robin pool 3-0. It then defeated Langham Creek (280-275) and Cistercian Black (320-165) to claim the Consolation Championship.

Final placing of the 6 playoff teams:

Rank Team Rank Team
1. Detroit Catholic Central 4t. North Kansas City
2. Walton 4t. Edmond Santa Fe
3. Brookwood 4t. Edmond Memorial

Individual Results

The following eight players comprised the All-Star Team, based on points-per-game:

Rank Player Team Rank Player Team
1. George Ellison Union City 5. Mike Taylor Edmond Memorial
2. Brian Udoff Walton 6. Mike Ruby Liberty
3. Andy Wehrman North Kansas City 7. Brian Berry Brookwood "B"
4. Thomas Zamora Los Alamitos 8. William Lynch Edmond Santa Fe

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