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The Housewritten Academic Venture Of Chaos (HAVOC) was cocreated, edited, and directed by Sarah Angelo and Cameron Orth during the spring of 2008, the second half of their sophomore year. The first HAVOC was run on April 26, 2008 and attended by 16 teams. Douglas Freeman won the tournament, and Collegiate placed second.

The youth and inexperience of the HAVOC editors can admittedly be seen in the packets, though the tournament stands as one of the first novice tournaments run in the area. The editing team for HAVOC II expanded to include Greg Tito and Tommy Casalaspi.

HAVOC II was run at Maggie Walker on April 25, 2009 and attended by 28 teams. TJ A defeated Dorman A in the finals. The stats for HAVOC I appear to have been lost in the geocities shutdown, but the stats for HAVOC II exist here: [1]. HAVOC II was mirrored at NIU by Brad Fischer.

Sarah Angelo ran a mirror of the first Fall Novice Tournament in October 2009 in lieu of continuing HAVOC.