Cameron Orth

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Cameron Orth
Noted subjects General, Math, Computer Science
Current college Dartmouth (2009-2013)
High school Maggie Walker (2006-2008), Cosby
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Cameron Orth played for all sorts of Maggie Walker teams for his freshman and sophomore years until he dropped out of high school. During a year as a homeschooler enrolled part-time at Cosby, Cameron helped that team go to PACE NSC and practiced regularly with the VCU regulars which included former Governor's School teammates like Tommy Casalaspi, Will Butler and Evan Adams. After arriving at Dartmouth, Cameron began to part ways with quizbowl until he returned in 2011, helping Dartmouth reform its team as a nominal treasurer in his junior year (out of five). Going from attending about five tournaments in the 2009-11 school years to attending that many in the 2012 Winter trimester alone, the new Dartmouth team traveled to a Virginia Tech tournament, a Penn Bowl and even ACF Nationals and Chicago Open. Under his leadership, the Dartmouth team has transformed from a group of relatively low-profile high school players into a nationally ranked team.