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A number of hype videos have been created by college and high school teams, typically for the nationals season. The best known example is the Chicago Hype Video, created in 2017.

Chicago Hype Video

This production was directed by Teddy Knox and Max Schindler and starred 2017 Chicago A, members of the Chicago team both past and present, and several other prominent members of the quiz bowl community.


  • Max Schindler - a "soulless, trivia-memorizing robot" with "the biggest flashcard deck in quiz bowl history"
  • Kai "Good Content" Smith - the fourth scorer of the team, who has been "trying to get a lot of real religious experiences... particularly with Rastafarianism"
  • John Lawrence - the slave-driving leader of Chicago A; author of a deadly email sent to other prominent players in the quiz bowl community
  • Jason Zhou - the history player of Chicago
  • Chris Ray - Force ghost appearing to help Max Schindler get over "the fear of John Lawrence [ending his] life on a whim"

Cameos from Alston Boyd, Halle Friedman, and Dylan Minarik, among others.

Eric Mukherjee, Andrew Wang, and Jordan Brownstein appear as "TOP 25 QUIZBOWLERS" who are killed by John Lawrence.


  • As the voice-over describes the size of Max's flashcard deck, he appears to struggle over whether to shave his beard, a reference to controversy over whether he looks good in it
  • During Jason Zhou's voice-over, Alston presents him with numerous objects and interrogated over whether they are foods or not-foods, a subject he is infamously poor at
  • Chris Ray appears as the BARGE photo employing "the voice" and states that he is "not dead, just in Ohio", in reference to him leaving Chicago to be in Ohio
  • In the poker scene, Max Schindler wears a jacket from Janestreet, where he now works - this jacket reappears as a blindfold as he attempts to grab a buzzer and buzz
  • Max Schindler bench-presses Jason while reading Sandburg's Chicago Poems and forces Kai to stop drinking hot sauce and instead read Kafka's The Trial; Kai later appears exercising while reading Quine's Word & Object


This work was produced by Teddy Knox while he was at Davis High School.


Produced by 2018 Hunter A.