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In-Depth Knowledge, Excellent Answerlines
Competition season 2020-2021
Head editor(s) Will Alston
Difficulty Collegiate regular
First mirror 9/19/2020
Announcement link
Packets link

IKEA (In-Depth Knowledge, Excellent Answerlines) was a regular-difficulty set played during the 2020-21 competition year. IKEA was produced jointly by the Columbia and Georgia Tech quizbowl clubs. The set was head edited by Will Alston of Columbia, who also edited Auditory Arts, Social Science, Philosophy, Other Academic, and Literature. Hari Parameswaran of Georgia Tech edited History, Visual Arts, and Geography, Billy Busse edited Science, and Gerhardt Hinkle of Columbia edited Beliefs.

Popular IKEA poster, produced in the initial announcement thread [1] by Malouf