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ILLinois Academic Competition
Competition season 2018-19
School(s) UIUC, University Lab
Head editor(s) Mike Etzkorn, Cole Timmerwilke
Difficulty ACF Fall plus (1.5 dots)
First mirror May 8, 2019
Announcement link
Packets link

ILLinois Academic Competition (ILLIAC) was a collegiate novice tournament of "ACF Fall plus" difficulty organized by members of the UIUC team for the spring 2019 season. The tournament was head edited by Mike Etzkorn and Cole Timmerwilke, who received help on science from Mike Sorice, and had an editorial team of Brad McLain, Mitch McCullar, Bryan Lu, and Koby Theobald. Itamar Naveh-Benjamin, John Lawrence, and Tyler Vaughan assisted with difficulty control, copy-editing, and quality control. It featured writers from the teams of UIUC, University Lab High School, and Centennial High School, as well as contributions from Alex Dzurick and Eric Mukherjee. The tournament had 6 physical mirrors in the US (many of which were open to high schoolers), as well as two online mirrors. There were also two high school only tournaments and a high school only online tournament.