Itamar Naveh-Benjamin

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Itamar Naveh-Benjamin
Noted Subjects:
Literature, Visual Arts, Mythology
Current Collegiate Team UVA (2019-)
Past Collegiate Teams Missouri (2013-2018)
High School Team Hickman (2011-2013)
Middle School Team None

Itamar Naveh-Benjamin is a current player for UVA, former president of the Missouri Quizbowl Club, and a former player for Hickman High School. During the 2012-2013 season, Itamar led Hickman to become the second-best program in the state, finishing only behind Ladue at most tournaments.

Itamar co-directed the 2013 Missouri Fall Academic Tournament and Tiger Bowl VI with Avery Wagner.

Itamar is well known for uttering "swag" before answering early in a tossup. This usually results in a neg.

College Playing Career

2013-2014 Tournaments Played