Ian Bayley

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Ian Bayley
Noted subjects Computer science, generalist
Past colleges Imperial College London (199?-199?), Oxford (1998-2001)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

"Iron" Ian Bayley is the co-founder of the Oxford University Quiz Society, and is widely regarded as the best quizbowl player of the UK's "first era". While completing a doctorate at Balliol College, he was part of the winning team of four consecutive British Student Quiz Championships, where he was also the top individual scorer a record three years running (much to the chagrin of Cambridge's Sean Blanchflower.

After university, Ian became one of Britain's best quizzers, winning 11 European titles in the club, pair and national team categories. He has also won several quiz shows, such as Mastermind, Only Connect and Brain of Britain. He continues to participate in quizbowl open tournaments, largely with the Broken Hearts team, and continues to top-score tournaments such as WAO.

After becoming a lecturer at Bournemouth University, Ian went on to teach at Oxford Brookes, where he coaches the University Challenge team and encourages players to compete in quizbowl tournaments.

Other facts

  • Ian Bayley does not know facts; he knows clues. He gathers and connects information from reading and playing quiz questions.
  • Ian really, really, really likes Doctor Who.
  • Ian is probably best-known to Americans for negging with "Is this Sir Humphry Davy?" at ICT once, and subsequently embarking on a neg-storm.