Ikshu Neithalath

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Ikshu Neithalath
Noted subjects Science, Math, Physics, Visual Art, Philosophy, General
Past colleges Stanford (2011-2013)
High school Clayton (2008-2011)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Ikshu Neithalath played for Clayton High School and Stanford. He started Quiz Bowl during his sophomore year, at a time when Missouri was only just beginning to embrace "good quizbowl" on a widespread level. Hence, much of that year was spent training for the abominable MSHSAA State tournament, which used Questions Galore at the time. He led Clayton to a third place finish at State, a feat which was repeated the following year. He placed third and second individually in 2009 and 2010, respectively.

Ikshu also led Clayton to its first ever appearance at a national tournament - the 2010 HSNCT. The following year, Ikshu and Clayton attended the 2011 NSC, where he placed 12th during preliminary rounds and 5th during playoffs.

In 2010, Ikshu was the leading scorer on the Missouri team at the first NASAT. In 2011, he attended the second incarnation of this tournament, where he placed 2nd overall. Ikshu has written for Olympia Academic Competition Questions, and now writes for HSAPQ.