International Geography Bee

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International Geography Bee, better known as IGB, is a pyramidal buzzer based competition where competitors answer questions about geography.

Past Champions and Results


Year Varsity Champion JV Champion Middle School Champion Elementary School Champion
2017 Jakob Myers, Naperville North Rohil Bhinge, Frost Middle School, Saket Pochiraju, Olentangy Orange Middle School Satvik Pochiraju, Olentangy Meadows Elementary School
2018 Alex Schmidt, Lehigh Valley Samanyu Dixit, Metrolina Regional School Overall and 7th Grade: Samik Bhinge, Frost Middle School

8th Grade: Samanyu Dixit, Metrolina Regional School

Overall and 6th Grade: Rohan Ganeshan, Homeschool

5th Grade: John Augustyn, Notre Dame School
4th Grade and Younger: Anish Raja, Brookwood Elementary School

2019 Karan Menon, JP Stevens Samvrit Rao, Stone Hill Middle School 8th Grade:Rishabh Wuppalapati, Daniel Wright

7th Grade: Kaylan Patel, Windermere Preparatory School
6th Grade: Vaibhav Hariram, Mills Park Middle School

Pranavkrishna Bharanidharan, California Montessori Project