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Naperville North High School is a high school located west of Chicago in Illinois. The varsity team is currently coached by Yvonne John, who was promoted from her longtime assistant-coaching position after the retirement of longtime head coach and matching shirt fanatic Tomi Johnson. While the team may have previously been primarily strong at computational math, it's main strengths are now geography and history, due to Jakob Myers and Jakob Myers, respectively. The JV Team, once led by Jakob Myers, won the 2014 NAC national championship, defeating Briarcliff thanks to a bizarre formula.

Naperville North voted IMSA as the 6th best team at the 2014 IHSA Sectional seeding meeting, which contributed to IMSA ending up with the 4th seed in their sectional even though they were clearly the strongest team.

Thanks to the strength of generalist Jakob Myers, Naperville North has emerged as one of the strongest teams in Illinois. The school is also notable for not attending many tournaments throughout the season; in the 2015-16 season, North only competed at IHSSBCA Kickoff, ACF Fall mirror, and NAQT State.

In 2017, Naperville North was knocked out in the sectionals of the IHSA State Tournament by eventual state champion IMSA. At the NAQT Illinois State Championship, Naperville North finished third to Stevenson and Barrington. Naperville North finished second to IMSA in the sectionals of the Masonic tournament. Despite this, Naperville North was the only Illinois team to meet or exceed expectations at the 2017 HSNCT, finishing a strong third in the nation.

2016-17 Varsity Team