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The Iowa Quiz Bowl League is an organization founded and led by Jay Winter to encourage pyramidal quiz bowl in Iowa. Both his work and the IQBL are associated with Iowa's rise in rankings on Chris Chiego's 2017 analysis of quiz bowl quality state by state.


Winter, who having played and coached in Illinois was experienced with quiz bowl, founded the Iowa Quiz Bowl League upon moving to Iowa. The IQBL saw several early successes with a series of novice and regular tournaments around the state in the 2015-2016 season and the formation of several televised pyramidal-ish TV shows around the state that included pyramidal qualifying tournaments.

Current Staff

As of December 2020 and as per the IQBL website, Jay Winter (Waukee) is CEO and Treasurer (term expires 2021); Kathie Foreman of Logan-Magnolia is Ombudsperson (term expires 2022); and Kelsea Krebs of Logan-Magnolia is Secretary (term expires 2022).


Among other normal organized tournaments, IQBL is notable for QBTV, a series of tournaments taped for television.

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