Isaac Hirsch

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Isaac Hirsch
Noted subjects Jazz
Current college University of Maryland
High school Blake
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Isaac Hirsch was the captain of Blake for 3 years. He often went around with pseudonymous teams and frequently played alone. At the 2010 NSC, he finished #10 in individual scoring in the prelims, and #11 in the playoffs. Hirsch is less well-known as a player [he frequently describes himself as "aggressively mediocre"] and more for weird meta antics, like creating the Quizbowl Tribune. Hirsch played on Maryland B teams that earned 15th and 13th place at 2014 ICT and Nationals, respectively. He is retired from quizbowl, although he plans to write a weird gimmick tournament that will be very enjoyable to cement his legacy.