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J.P. Stevens High School
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Edison, NJ
Club Presidents Mihir Tadeparti
Coaches Jeff Xie
National Championships none
National Appearances PACE NSC:2022, HSNCT:2021, NSB:2022, NHBB:2019, 2021
Program Status Active
School Size 2700
NAQT Page link

John P. Stevens High School is a public high school in Edison, New Jersey. Its quiz bowl team, formerly known as the STARS, competes at the regional, state, and national levels.


The Rutgers Academic Challenge Years

The team was originally known as the Rutgers Academic Challenge team.

The STARS Years

At around the end of the 2006 academic school year, the JPS team was named STARS. The team name stands for "Stevens' Tough and Rough Scholars".


This year began with the STARS appearing in the 2006-2007 season of The New Jersey Challenge. After defeating Wayne Valley High School, the STARS then lost to Bergen County Academies.

Later, the STARS took part in the NAQT at Rutgers. Despite undermanned to a point where they were unable to have a full team, the STARS managed to win 4 of 12 games.

Finally that year, the STARS sent two teams to take part in BRITE. However, after both teams advanced to the Top 16 after the playoffs, they were matched up against each other in the next game. The winning team advanced to the quarterfinals where they were defeated by North Brunswick High School.


The STARS participated in the NAQT at Princeton. However, they were quite soundly defeated and were unable to advance past the playoffs.

Later, they once again took part in BRITE. The STARS once again managed to make the Top 16 before getting eliminated.



In 2012, J.P. Stevens Quiz Bowl was revived. Featuring players like future Jeopardy Teen Tournament Champion Jeff Xie and Team Captains Andy Shi and Vishal Baloor, the team played at The Eleventh Annual Joseph Bookstaber Memorial Tournament. They also qualified for the HSNCT in 2012, placing 5th at NAQT New Jersey State championships. In 2013, the team once again competed at NAQT New Jersey State Championships, though they placed 16th. The club was not active following these seasons.


In 2017, J.P. Stevens Quiz Bowl was brought back once again, this time under former National Geography Bee Champion Karan Menon. They placed 13th at East Brunswick Funfest IV, and 5th at NACs in Washington DC.


The next year, the J.P. Stevens Quiz Bowl team placed 5th at East Brunswick Funfest V, under the strong play of newcomer Allen Wang, junior Vice President Joseph George, and seniors Harini Raghavan and Divyesh Trivedi.



On January 9, 2021, J.P. Stevens ran the Hawks Nest Invitational. After a slow start, the tournament stalled for three hours while rebracketing, ultimately resulting in the tournament being cut short and only 5 rounds having posted stats.[1] Teams were eventually issued a full refund minus mirroring fees and staffing stipends.

In the 2020-21 season, the J.P. Stevens team enjoyed further success, with strong performances at Prison Bowl League, Ithaca Fall, and a 2nd place finish at the Southside Holiday Tournament. This strong play catapulted the team into a 75th place national ranking.

J.P. Stevens sent two teams to the 2021 HSNCT. Both teams qualified for playoffs at HSNCT, and ended with a 31st place finish for the A team, and a 49th place finish for the B team, the first time J.P. Stevens Quiz bowl attended HSNCT, and two of the highest placings in NJ.

2021-22 season

J.P. Stevens won first place at Princeton University's PHSAT XXVIII after defeating Hunter A. J.P. Stevens also hosted a novice tournament in February.

2022-2023 season

J.P. Stevens started their season by coming second place at Princeton University's PHSAT XXIX only behind Detroit Country Day. A second novice tournament was also hosted

J.P. Stevens saw futher success, with a strong performance at Prison Bowl XV, as well as 2nd at EB Pre-Nats. They were ranked 17th place nationally prior to attending HSNCT. They placed 13th at HSNCT 2023 despite being undermanned. The strong performances of Kushal Aluru and Nishanth Bhargava catapulted them into the later rounds of the tournament.

Middle Schools

The J.P. Stevens team has two middle school feeders in John Adams and Woodrow Wilson Middle School.

Notable Alumni


  1. let me just report here: the JP Stevens Hawks Nest Tournament started at 9 EST and so far, only 5 rounds have been played. Everyone is rioting and the staff has gone radio silent. After 3 hours of the staff saying "we're bracketing" and "we're doing stats," Cerulean created a bracket in 5 minutes. The staff just asked Cerulean to make all the brackets for them.