J. Sargeant Reynolds

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J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College
Richmond, VA
Current President or Coach
National championships 2009 CCCT

J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College is a 2-year Community College in Richmond, Virginia.


The seeds for the team were planted when George Berry forgot to apply for college. Oops. Eventually, he met up with Dan Goff and actually got a team together and played in tournaments.

George led the team to victory at the 2009 NAQT Community College Championship Tournament at Valencia. NAQT, perhaps unamused that a team which had criticized the poaching of the ACF Regionals date and was not in the target geographical market for the sale of high school questions to CC tournaments had won, made no acknowledgement of this fact for several weeks. No one from NAQT posted results or congratulations in the hsquizbowl.org thread about the tournament, the tournament wrapup and statistics were omitted from naqt.com for several weeks and later backdated when finally posted, and the current naqt.com frontpage features an image of Northeast Alabama Community College, the winner of the "Top Community College Award" at the ICT. The blurb does not mention JSR.

Tournament Results

note: Only includes teams fully from Reynolds

3rd Place 2008 NAQT DII sectionals (Virginia Tech site)

Dead Last 2008 Minnesota Undergrad Tournament (VCU Mirror)

12th Place EFT 3 (Wake Forest Mirror)

4th Place ACF Fall 2008 (VCU Mirror)

1st place 2009 CCSCT (Georgia site)

1st place 2009 CCCT

22nd place 2009 DII ICT

NAQT CCCT Champion
Preceded by
Succeeded by
St. Charles