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The JROTC Academic Bowl Championship is a quiz bowl tournament for teams composed of members of high school JROTC teams from around the world. It is co-sponsored by the non-profit College Options Foundation and JROTC.

The competition began around 2010 and was hosted by George Mason until around 2016. It adopted NAQT questions in 2013.

It is held annually in late June in Washington, D.C. and is hosted by the Catholic University of America. The buzzer tournament, which uses a specially-tailored NAQT set and a four quarter format, is held alongside the JROTC Leadership Bowl, although there is no crossover between teams. The academic bowl notably does not allow seniors to participate.

The tournament's preliminary round teams are divided into divisions based on service branch on the first day. On the second day, the winners of each service-based division compete in a Joint Service Competition for the championship.

Several JROTC Academic Bowl schools, such as Ed W. Clark and Norcross, have regular quiz bowl teams, although it is not known what connection, if any, there is between the JROTC teams and regular quiz bowl teams.

The national championship is the culmination (Level III) of a lengthy process. After registering in October and November, teams take an online test for Level I in November. The top half of teams on the Level I test advance to the Level II online test in February. The top portion of the Level II teams then advance to the Level III national tournament.

Tournament results

Interservice competition

Year First place Second place Third place Fourth place
2017 Scripps Ranch (Air Force) Cocoa Beach (Army) Ed W. Clark (Navy) Catholic (Marine Corps)
2016 Scripps Ranch (Air Force) University City (Marine Corps) Troy (Navy) Lyman (Army)
2015 Mayde Creek (Navy) University City (Marine Corps) Norcross (Army) Dupo-Columbia combined (Air Force)
2013 Moon Valley (Navy) Marmion Academy (Army) Scripps Ranch (Air Force) Rio Rancho (Marine Corps)

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