Jordan Palmer

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Jordan Palmer
Noted subjects Canada, China, law
Current college Ottawa
Past colleges Queen's, McMaster, Toronto
High school Westdale Secondary School (Hamilton, Ontario)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Jordan Palmer was a Canadian quizbowl player for much of the 2000s. He played for McMaster (B.A. (Hons.), 2006), Queen's (LL.B., 2009), Toronto (LL.M., 2011), and Ottawa. When active, he was often strongest player in Canada. He is known for going to tournaments with veterans such as Jay Misuk, Brendan McKendy, Brock Stephenson, Eric Smith, Chris Lionel, Andrew Almas and Matt Trudgen. A proponent of quizbowl travel, Jordan has played tournaments from Alabama to College Park, Maryland, to Orlando, FL, and throughout the Great Lakes region. He is also notable for trying to play with as wide a group of players as possible, which often (to his dismay) get labelled as "his" team.

Jordan also collects signatures of famous American quizbowlers, although his collection has not grown in some time. Jordan's teams won every iteration of the Ottawa Hybrid Tournament (including BLASTOISE) from 2008 until 2013, when he started editing that tournament. His teams have won most of the tournaments in Ontario and Buffalo between 2011 and 2015 or so, including ACF Regionals 2013 and 2015, VETO 2013, and Canadian SCT 2011 and 2013. In summer 2014, a team of Jordan, his father David, and Brittany and Geoff Zenger won the Vancouver iteration of VETO, making him a champion of both sites.

He played Reach for the Top in high school for one year, when his Westdale Secondary team made it to provincials (winning their Region), but did not place, in 2002.

He now practices law in Hamilton.