Julie Gittings

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Julie Gittings
Current team: none
Career record: unknown
Former school(s): State College Area High School; unknown
Benjamin Cooper Academic Ambassador Award (2007)

Julie Gittings is the former coach of State College. During her tenure as coach, State College won six PACE NSCs and two NAQT HSNCTs, and placed second in five more championship games (2005 NSC, 2006 HSNCT, 2007 HSNCT, 2009 NSC, 2010 HSNCT), making her the most decorated pyramidal quizbowl coach of all time. She retired as coach after the 2011 NSC.

Gittings received the 2007 Benjamin Cooper Academic Ambassador Award; at her last NSC, PACE gave a special statement in her honor. In 2011, Gittings joined PACE as a member.

Benjamin Cooper Academic Ambassador Award
Preceded by
Succeeded by
John Barnes & Bob Weiser
Eric Huff