Kai Madgwick

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Kai Madgwick
Noted subjects Astronomy, Physics, History, Mythology
Current college Durham University (2020-)
Pronouns they/them
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Kai Madgwick is a player at Durham University, and has been the President of Durham Uni Quiz Society since 2022. They study Physics and Astronomy, but are also a History and Mythology specialist.

University Career

Kai first played Quizbowl at the 2021 UK online mirror of Penn Bowl, as a substitute for Harry Scully in the afternoon. Despite only getting 2 tossups in 5 games, they enjoyed the experience and a few weeks later played for Durham at the 2021 British Novice tournament, where they came second in the final to Imperial. Kai played several tournaments throughout that year, including 2022 British Student Quiz Championship, where alongside fellow astrophysicist Sam Moore they ended up in the bottom bracket but subsequently won all their games.

After their first year of Quizbowl, Kai ran for and was elected President of Durham University Quiz Society (DUQS) for the year 2022-23, during which time they held in-person buzzer practices for the first time, and began recruiting many new players. Along with Harry Scully, Sam Moore and new Durham player Michael Kohn, Durham A achieved its best result in modern BSQC history when it came 4th.

Kai was re-elected President of DUQS for the year 2023-24, during which time they appeared on a team alongside Michael Kohn, Sam Moore, and Isaiah Silvers that took Durham to its first non-novice final at the UK mirror of ACF Winter, but lost to Edinburgh under the illustrious Ben Russell Jones. Kai also served as Tournament Director for the Northern Mirror of the 2023 British Novice tournament, the first in-person Quizbowl tournament to be held at Durham.

Along with the rest of Durham A, Kai was on the team that claimed Durham's first non-novice title when the team won 2024 ACF Regionals. They would later play at COOT 2024, finishing second as part of the team Bridge on the River Wear alongside Ben Russell Jones, Sam Moore, and Harry Scully.